Importance of Thermal Packaging

Importance of Thermal Packaging

1. It maintains the freshness of the product.
2. It extends the shelf life of the product.

3. It reduces the growth of bacteria, retards decay/decomposition.
4. It prevents melting or shrinking of some perishables.
5. It maintains flavor/aroma of some perishables.
6. It preserves and protects the value of the product and your bottom line with your customer.

The goal of refrigerant packaging is for temperature sensitive products to arrive at their destination in optimum condition. This is achieved by maintaining a predetermined low temperature range in a cost effective manner during transit. The aim of a thermal packaging system is to provide this uniform low temperature within a container of minimum dimensions with appropriate coolant and packaging.

Critical Factors

1. Initial Temperature – reduce payload to the lowest possible temperature within the required temperature range.
2. Pre-chill everything including the shipping container. Ideally gel pacs should be pre-frozen for 72 hours to maximize their effectiveness.
3. Mass of Product – the smaller the payload the more coolant may be necessary.
4. Coolant Properties -by adding its mass of cold placed into the shipping container it must protect the product from external heat penetration with its cold thermal barrier.
5. Ideally all perishables should be packed in a cold room environment, as close as possible to carrier pick up time.

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