Thermal Packaging Design, Testing & Other Services

Thermal Packaging Design, Testing & Other Services

Our designing team starts by collecting information of your payload, container, shipping method and acceptable temp range and excursion. Based on your requirement and our extensive knowledge of thermodynamics,material science, proprietary database of successful designs & software tools like solid works we develop optimal thermal solutions. We analyze your total cold chain requirement – distribution, logistics and economics. We consider overall cost and cost effectiveness of the insulating material (based on R-value), refrigerant type & overall size, weight, ease in packing and type of shipment. Once our design is ready it is put under testing, thermally mapping your prototype payload area and monitoring the temperature. We refine and improve our designs if required. The final prototype or your packaging system is put under pre-qualification or trial. A successful pre-qualification test assures us that the package design is complete and ready for your thorough field trial. We keep you involved at all the stages & may also conduct the trials in your environmental chambers.

Other Services

- Acute Trouble Shooting

- Gap assessment in existing CTCM

- Training and orientation of packing and logistics staff in CTCM

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